Here is a picture of me taken by my friends in Geneva.

Hi there, I'm Graeme.

You can use this site to download research papers and free software I've written, read about ideas I find interesting, or look at my photographs. There's also a separate page with recent news about my research.

Professional background

I have a BSc (Hons) and a Ph. D. in Computer Science. You can download my thesis if you're curious. It's not too boring :-)

I've previously worked at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, Murdoch University in Australia, and as a Chief Engineer in GIS (computer maps) at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research in Norway.

Shortcuts to some interesting pages

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Contact details

website att graeme bell dott nett


Computing: I'm interested in most areas of computing, both theory and practice. My research background is in computer science theory: A.I., robotics, computer games, potential fields, and navigation. Recently, I've been working in image processing and analysis - steganography, steganalysis, and CAPTCHA design. I've previously enjoyed working in visual bio-informatics. A few years back, I set up a new Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Group at Murdoch University with my former colleague Graham Mann. In Norway, I designed & built open source GIS & database software to implement national mapping infrastructure projects for the government. Nowadays, I'm back into AI as well as some VR.

Economics/Finance: I'm interested in several areas, particularly neuro-economics, and other niches where there is a genuinely scientific approach to understanding how humans and money go together.

General Science: Physics, astronomy, maths, biology, medical science, ...

Brains, consciousness and thought: How do brains work? What are qualia? Is consciousness an on/off property or something gradual? How do our senses influence the way we build models of the world and interact with it?

Rationality: Learning about cognitive biases and other built-in weaknesses of the human mind, and trying to reduce the number of errors I make as I think.

I also enjoy: photography (recently, 3D photography), badminton, cycling, programming for fun, reading, exploring on foot, watching films (martial arts, science fiction, comedy), board games, science news. Hoping to get back into TaeKwonDo again at some point...