Videos & Links

These links are to the full original versions of the videos rather than the clips edited for the talk. I particularly recommend the video about Karl Sims!


Steganography - the Wikipedia entry is great.

Part 1

A* full video

Faults with pathfinding full video

Karl Sims Evolutionary Algorithms

Toribash game

Toribash videos

GPS Farm Tractor

Craig reynolds ‘boids’ flocking video

Lion King / automated cinematics

Part 2

Google car

I showed short clips from S01E01 of “Stephen Hawkings Brave New World”, October 17th 2011, Ch4, UK. If anyone would like those particular clips to show students, let me know and I’ll pass them to you.


Quadrotor drones late 2011

Herring Gull Robot

ODEX (full version)

Korean quadruped

Lawnmower project video

Quadrotor failures

Other videos that I didn’t include but which are interesting:

Amazing robot hummingbird (2011)

Hummingbird 2

Quadrotor 2010 A

Quadrotor 2010 B