Previous research

My research background has involved several distinct areas of computing, though the general theme is Artificial Intelligence (A.I). My work has focussed on:

Robotics and computer games: Navigation heuristics to control how robots (or characters in computer games) steer themselves in their environments.

Artificial Intelligence: Heuristics for search in continuous spaces (potential fields), turing test techniques for detecting trouble-causing computer programs on the web.

Information forensics: Techniques for hiding secret data inside other data, techniques for discovering hidden data, and improved techniques for data forensics (in the legal sense).

Social and legal aspects of computing - social/legal consequences of experimental protocol for web-based experiments, social/legal consequences of recovering deleted data for courts, and developing computer techniques that can help to protect whistleblowers from reprisals when they expose corrupt practices in business and government.

Future themes

There are a number of fields that particularly interest me for the longer term. These include: designing new A.I. search techniques, forming general principles for robot design, sensors and control, cybernetics & general systems theory, goal-directed behaviour, brain-machine interfaces and neural simulation, and developing new approaches for bioinformatics (in particular, protein folding & DNA sequence assembly).

I'm also extremely interested in supporting work towards major medical problems such as antibiotic & antiviral drug design, cancer metastasis, cardiovascular disease, and age-related illnesses.