"Add My Tunes" utility - (Python, Windows/Mac)

This software lets you add music albums to iTunes without them becoming jumbled up when viewed according to 'Date Added'. The program adds music slowly and predictably to iTunes. Each album is added separately in order, and each track within each album is added in the correct order.

(This might seem like an odd problem to solve, but I've seen dozens of people complaining about this online. Since it's been downloaded over 2000 times, I assume lots of people wanted this problem solved :-) ).

Click here for more information & download.

"MindTags" - (Java, Windows/Mac/Linux)

MindTags is a free, extremely simple productivity program which keeps track of thoughts, ideas, URLs, text clippings and so on. It allows you to take advantage of your brain's consistency in the way it categorises ideas. I wrote it after noticing that my brain tends to consistently 'file' certain ideas under the same keyword.

Click here for more information & download.

Learn To Read Norwegian (Bokmål)

A very simple language-learning game. I don't know much Norwegian, so I wrote this program to help me learn, based on some ideas I had about language learning. It's similar to flashcard based learning, but a little different. The idea is that you call out the answer as the words appear, and try to get all 100 words correct without any mistakes. If you get them all, you can change the settings to make it harder. See if you can beat it at the highest speed setting.

This game requires an up-to-date browser. I recommend Chrome.*